Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

Our client has a full-time permanent opportunity available for a Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) in Saskatoon, SK 


The CAO shall direct and supervise all accounting procedures, preparation of budgets and preparation of financial statements. He/she shall direct and supervise all capital works and other major works programs. He/she shall be responsible for the preparation and drafting of all Bylaws requested by Council under the authority of The Municipalities Act. The CAO will supervise and be responsible for all departments.


Interpret and Apply Legislation:

  • Keep current with and interpret applicable legislation and regulations.

  • Draft and administer regulations and bylaws.

  • Apply election procedures.

  • Manage Community Planning & Development.

Supervise the Keeping of Financial Records:

  • General Ledger

  • General Journal

  • Assessment and Tax Roll

  • Closing year end books and preparation of financial statements

Secure and Manage Financial Resources:

  • Forecast revenues and expenditures (budgeting)

  • Determine available grants

  • Long range financial planning

  • Arrange borrowing-sell debentures

  • Manage property and inventory control

  • Arrange insurance coverage

  • Exercise internal control

Supervise Collection of Revenues and Control Expenditures:

  • Receipting procedures

  • Grant applications

  • Tax title procedures

  • Payroll accounting

  • Perform cost analysis

Work with Elected Officials:

  • Call meetings – prepare agenda and write minutes

  • Gather information for meetings and advise Council

  • Implement Council decisions and administer policies

  • Act as liaison between Council and the public and Council and senior governments

  • Secretary of the Development Appeals Board

Supervise and Perform Office Functions:

  • Establish office procedures

  • Write business correspondence

  • Set out filing system, maintain and destroy written records

  • Operate standard office equipment

  • Read maps

Manage Human Resources:

  • Draft jobs descriptions, advertise jobs and interview applicants

  • Arrange bonding

  • Delegate, train, counsel, evaluate and motivate employees

  • Supervise administration of benefit program

  • Prepare termination letters

Deal with Public:

  • Demonstrate human relation and communication skills

  • Deal with inquiries, handle complains and explain Council decisions

  • Provide information to media

Continue Professional Growth:

  • Manage self with respect to time

  • Attend and participate in professional conventions, education courses and seminars

  • Read relevant literature

  • Communicate with other Administrators