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Best Talent, Right Cultural Fit

and Business Growth

Lake Search Group is one of North America’s most successful recruiting firms. Our consultants are among the best educated, most experienced and most successful in the search industry. At Lake Search Group, we provide the best talent the market has to offer for every employer we assist, which includes local businesses and Fortune 500 companies.

We recruit for all positions in every industry. Our Recruitment consultants combine practical work experience, recruiting knowledge and a large network of talented professionals to help you meet your hiring needs.

Lake Search consultants have proven expertise to find candidates, who best fit your current business strategies and share your dream for the future. We consider each search engagement to be unique and use innovative strategies to networking/direct source candidates tailored to your company needs. We know how important it is that your employee’s skills closely match your business needs. Our success is built on complete confidentiality, excellent service and a strong commitment to building client relationships.

Lake consultants maintain regular contact with their candidates to ensure they remain informed and committed. We take advantage of this regular contact to screen each individual, assessing their qualifications, competencies, experience and cultural fit.  Our recruiting consultants will work with your team to fully understand your hiring needs and build a strategy for attracting the best candidates for your specific role.

We take the time to know your business. We guaranteed that once you experience the advantage of Lake Search Group, you will never look anywhere else for your search needs. At Lake, we recognize the challenges companies face on a daily basis when it comes to hiring professionals. We have access to the best talent through our huge networks, personal industry connections and in-house databases so we can enhance every search. We utilize a comprehensive search by evaluating both active and passive candidates until we find the best fit that will help your team excel.

Our commitment to quality and service is the core of our business. At Lake Search Group, we are committed to your business success. We pride ourselves in caring about your business and helping you find the prefect match. We know how to take your business to the next level.

We stay in touch with our candidates and also form long term relationships with them even once they have been employed as they are important to us and we know that people are what drives our business and our networks in order to get the right person for you!


We offer honest feedback to get most out of the process for all involved and have no need to sugar coat our conversations as we know your time is valuable and you prefer for a company to be upfront and honest rather then tell you what you want to hear.


We have refined our processes, targeted marketing and interview techniques to achieve the required results for our clients as well as our candidates.


Our experts get to know your business needs and shape the job description. We screen, interview and shortlist candidates to save your time. With an extensive database of engaged candidates, our team of skilled Recruiters are ready to understand your business and recruitment needs in order to connect you with the best talent in the market.

In the business world, time is precious. It isn’t easy making the time to find candidates that fit perfectly into your company. Well, that’s what we’re here for. We take all the hard work away from you, so you can concentrate on doing what you do best.

We understand that finding the right candidate is about more than just skills and experience. It’s about finding the perfect person to suit your company culture, someone that’s eager to learn and willing to adapt, someone that will make your business a better place to work. It’s not an easy task, but that’s what we see as the fun part! You’re experts in your field, and we’re experts in recruitment. Let us prove it.



Lake Search Group Hiring Process

Understanding your business needs, position profile and company culture

1.Client Meeting


2.Candidate Sourcing

Referrals, networking, sourcing, social media, headhunting, database and external job boards

4.Confirmation Checking

Professional reference checking as required

Process involves in-depth, behaviour-based interviews, role pre-qualification and candidate presentaion

3.Candidate Screening

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